Red Latú

Born: New York, USA. (05/20/1982)
From: San Juan & Vieques, Puerto Rico
Instruments: Lead Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Congas, Bongo, Bass & Piano.

My first live performance was in 2000 at the Braulio Castillo Theater in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Winning second place in a national talent show. I've been singing since I can remember to my parent's music plus a mix of everything that was happening at that time.  But everything kicked in gear when I reached 16, my first guitar, a classical nylon guitar thanks to my grandpa "Marino" who knew I was interested in learning the instrument. I just fell in love with that guitar and everything was right. Now I can add some noise and rhythm to my thoughts and sing. I went to The Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and earned a bachelor’s degree in popular music, with a minor degree in music business. Vocal as first Instrument with Prof. Pantoja, Prof. Darysabel Isales and Prof. Adriana Kraiseldurd. Electric guitar as second instrument with Prof. Christian Galan and Prof. Carmen Noemi. In my college years I took “Acting Workshop” with veteran Puerto Rican actor José Félix Gómez and “Vocal Technics & Performance” with Michelle Brava (vocal coach - Idol Puerto Rico, Objetivo Fama & La Voz Kid). Singers & Musicians I admire: Alejandro Figueroa, Greg Benkert, Carlos Robles, Alexis Perez, Jahaziel Ramirez, Vicky Card, Ruben Emmanuelle, Hector Lavoe, Ismael Rivera, Frankie Ruiz, Edith Piaf, Celine Dion, Freddy Mercury, Paul McCartney, Ramon Ortiz, Pekeke, Paco Cestero, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Gene Simmons, Steve Perry, Michael Sweet, Ozzy, Bob Marley, Pavarotti, Ismael Rivera Jr; and you know I have more. Featuring on these albums: Ramon Ortiz “Portal” Album (2015) main vocal on the track #9 “Within Me”, Erik Serrano’s “Odyssey demo project” (2013) main vocal on bonus track “Break the Silence”, Comuna de Santos Album “Habla” (2009), Backing Vocals on track #7 “Dame Tu Amor” and Athaxia “El Fin de la Inocencia” album (2008) Backing Vocals on track  #7 “Opresor”.


(A) Guitars:

1. ESP LTD M-200FM (Black Cherry-Neck-through) Main Stage Electric Guitar:
-24 Extra Jumbo frets.
-43mm neck width
-Active EMG 81/85 Set.
-Ernie Ball Beefy Slincky Paradigm 11-54 gauge.
-Duracell Quantum Dura-lock Hi-Density Core Alkaline 9V Battery.
-EVH D-Tuna.
-Costume guitar Strap R-1.
-Hennessey Guitar Strap Locks - Pair Black.
-Original Hot Floyd Rose.
-Original ESP guitar Tuners.

2. Epiphone – Special Model “bolt-on neck” (Red).
-Ernie Ball Beefy Slincky Paradigm 11-54 gauge.
-Costume guitar Strap R-2.
-Hennessey Guitar Strap Locks - Pair Black.
-Grover Tuners.
-Grover Gold GT-1 Hipshot tuner.
-Schaller Signum bridge.

(A) Guitar Heads:

1. Road Case:

* Digitech GSP1101 Effect Processor.
* DigiTech Control 2 Remote Foot -Controller for GSP1101.
*Pedatrain black touring case PT-PRO32
* 200 watt Dual Create Spa-200.
* Carvin AC120S - Power Conditioner/Sequencer.
* BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer.
* DBX 231S Dual Graphic Equalizer.
* Miami gold & Live Wire Elite Guitar Cables.
* Costume Red Tiger's Guitar Picks (Heavy).
* (2) Decimator Pro Rack G.
* Line 6 G90 wireless.

2. Acoustic 50 watt GT50H tube (Back Up)  

(B) Guitar Cabinets:

-Behringer Ultrastack BG412S 4x12 Stereo [Top] Cab with Jensen C12N Speakers.
-Vintage Lee Jackson Stereo [Bottom] 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion greenback speakers.